15th Jun 2021 6:49:33 AM

Robert & Sons Optical Services To Provide Eye Care Services To Less Fortunate Ghanaians

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Robert and Sons Ltd, Optical Services this year, is providing eye care services to between 500-1000 less fortunate in Ghana who by their economic circumstances do not have access to eye care services and also as a result of the negative impact of COVID-19 on the livelihood of many Ghanaians. This is under the company’s Vision for Life Outreach, and in line with its ongoing 30th-anniversary corporate social responsibility, which will take place in rural and urban Ghana in Greater Accra, Eastern and Ashanti region, from May to December 2021.

The Business Development Manager, Mr. Daniel Osei said, “The eye is our most important sense organ, accounting for about 80% of our awareness of our environment. Most people, unfortunately, are unable to afford proper eye care and suffer visual illusions, colour vision problems, common sight disorders, eye diseases and blindness that can be corrected and/or managed.”

“We will collect old, slightly used or new eyeglasses and spectacle frames in good condition from our customers and the general public to donate to the underprivileged,”

Mr. Osei said. He added:

“Our goal is to match the donation of each frame/spectacle with a new pair of lenses in order to improve vision and change a life/lives”.

The first phase of the project will involve the collection of used spectacles frames/eyeglasses from May to August 2021. This kicked started the Healthy Vision month in May, where the company put the spotlight on the connection between eye health and one’s overall health. This will continue through to June with the Cataract Awareness Month in partnership with Business24 and other media.

The second to third phases will include more collections and preparations for the first phase of donation from August to October 2021, while the fourth phase will involve the collection from September to November, and the second part of the donation will take place in December 2021.

Robert and Sons Ltd, Optical Services is therefore calling on all in Ghana and outside the country to donate spare frames/sunglasses in good condition to give better sight to the underprivileged and change lives. They are by this platform also encouraging Corporate Institutions to encourage full participation by their employees. Discounts are being offered to all who donate towards this end.

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